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Inspired to write!

2009-11-29 19:05:06 by zalecot

After seeing writersblock's post about finishing his novel I was inspired to finally finish one of my stories. For a long time now I have had stories floating around in my head but none have ever taken any real shape, sure I have written a couple of short stories but they were just that short stories. Over the next couple of months I am going to attempt to write a novel. I will be sure to put chapters onto here as I finish them.

The Title is: Demon Light

Genre: Science fiction

When I finish chapter one I will post links to it here

The Surface

2009-01-13 23:37:28 by zalecot

Book: The surface

Chapter: 1

Chapter title: prison

Things never turn out they are supposed to do they. By now i was supposed to me married and touring the beautiful southern crystal field. I remember hearing about those field. How they would glisten like diamond shattered and strewn across the cavern ceilings. But things don't turn out how they are supposed to.
Now i am living like a stinking rat covered in my own filth. My hair disgusting and filled with the small insect that inhabit these prison caverns. I used to have my brown hair like a true warrior, but now it is long and oily from the inconsistent washing. I can hardly remember what color my eyes were being in these caverns would do that to you they say. At least i have not gone insane moaning in the night. The screaming filling ever fiber of your being tearing away at all the humanity you have left ,trying to wretch it away from you.
They were green, my eye were green. Maybe they to have changed under the sentry of these ever glowing crystals. The crystals are also just a mind game. You can lose track of time down here. Days run into week, weeks run into months, months to years. At least those grubs back in the city had no longer shown after they had laid to rest. There he could sleep, here I was always fitful full of dreams of the horrors he had had to endure in the terrifying place.
But there is no news on dwelling on what was that is how you went insane in this place. Of course what was he supposed to think about. My dead fiance, my life time sentence! I looked at his hands roughed and cracked from his days as a warrior. The endless days of practice, working your fingers till they bled. His skin did not have the well kept luster it used to have. It was wrinkled and papery, his nail long and cracked down the middle.
My nail reminded him of his wife. How long and slander her fingers were how her nail here long and painted with those expansive paints she loved so much. I chuckled to himself to himself at the memory, but his chuckles dissolved into sobs as he remembered his wife in the last moment of her life, so scared, so helpless.
I tore himself away from that memory I would just revisit it again in the night so why should my waking moment have to relive it to. He looked to the wall where he recorded how long he ad been here. It was more of a habit now than actually recording. It was good to have a routine It kept you sain. you felt like you have a purpose. How many marks were they he wondered. The small white lines nearly covered the wall, they were scratched there by a small rock he had found in his cell. It was small and white rough around the edges. Some day he would just sit there and run his hands across it admiring its texture. It seemed funny now, but I had even given it a name. Walter I called it.
It was about time to go to sleep. I did not want to sleep on the stinking pile of raconto leaves they used and bed and bathroom. But it was his only choice, and better that than nothing. I got up from the corner in which he was sitting and sat down on the leaves. I felt something skitter over his foot. I did not care though it was probably just one of those small orange scorpions that infested the raconto leaves. Then he say the little guy standing in a battle stance by his foot. His tail high threatening. The little one felt no fear of course neither did I. I smashed the small one with the toe of my foot. The stinger pressed into the sole of my foot. It drew blood. It was strangely comforting to see it. At least it proved that he was still alive.
I laid down. It was time to let the night keep him once more. Maybe tonight I won't dream of her, although i know i will. I slowly drifted off, another day in this cell. Another day in the life of
Illidan Crystalmantle

The Surface

2008-02-01 16:17:18 by zalecot

This is the first page of my book

The surface

Chapter one: Prison

"Why am I here?" Is the question I ask myself everyday in this horrible place. Then I remind myself of that day everything changed in my life. It was almost 10 years ago when she died. We were meant to be married, but the night before the wedding everything changed. I had left her for only a moment to go and check on the festivities. When I came to the place were the ceremony was to take place something was wrong no one was there it was completely empty devoid of life except for one thing one of the creatures we call them Arconds. The horrible little insect mandibles moving madly to put something into its gapping hole of a mouth it was a hand and on the back of the hand was the insignia of the warrior every man in the army had this mark on him to distinguish himself from the public. I new this mark well my own hand had had this mark on it ever since I was a small child and I had been taken away from my mother to be a solider. I reached for my knife, which I kept with me always. At the moment it saw me reach for my weapon the monster leaped at me I grabbed the creature and killed it immediately before it could utter a cry for help. If I hadn't a hundred would have come and killed me.
Because where there is one of those things there is always more. I raced back to my home to check on my love only to find her they're lying in a pool of her own blood. I broke down weeping, but there was no time for crying I had to kill those creatures that had murdered my love. I went to my armory and grabbed my armor and my sword I had to kill them I had to destroy them. I was blind with anger I wasn't thinking strait. I went outside in such a rage. I ran through the street, then I saw a group of the little creatures swarming over a body, but there was something horribly wrong with this picture two of our own men high ranking officials by the look of them were standing next to them not only were they not trying o fight them, but the creatures were not trying to kill them. They saw me and they yelled at the pile of creatures then the strangest thing off all happened thy left their kill and started to come my way. I started to run from them knowing I would be killed me if they caught up. I ran through the city trying to get away from them then I saw it the market it was still filled with people salvation there would be more solders there to help me kill these things.
When I ran into the crowd yelling of the Arconds the people began to panic. The soldiers drew there swords and got ready for the fight, but when I looked back into the street they were gone seemed to have vanished into thin air. The people started to calm down seeing there were no creatures and looking at me with scolding looks and the guards came over to me telling me to go home saying there

i will post more pages as i write them

omg guess what

2008-01-31 15:48:56 by zalecot

im serious guess